Galaxy PPRC Pipes provide well quality reliable products as per ISO standard. we manufactured the all types of PPRC Fittings and PPRC PIPES with different's sizes and colors. Galaxy pprc pipes sale the best quality products in all province and district in pakistan.You can buy Galaxy pprc product form our distributors and main branches in whole province in pakistan

PPRC Fittings

All kinds of building hot and cold installations (residence, school, hospital etc.) In agricultural sectores In air pressure installations Solar collectors In heating apparatus, central heating boiler and radiator connections, heating from bottom side In industries.


PPRC is stand for polypropylene random Copolimer. PPRC can provide very high performance even under high and low temperatures and pressure conditions. PPRC PIPE we can use in all type of water system like salt water(sea water) and waste water etc

PPRC Sanitary

Galaxy PPRC provide you sanitary fittings of kitchen taps combine stylish looks with uncommon quality and amazing clever design features, just like a galaxy pprc used in the picture up, a stunningly clever yet simple design that is a must for all water lovers.


I am feeling good to interact with you as c.e.o of Galaxypprc pipes and fittings. We are trying our best to meet your expectation. We will keep on providing reliable and affoardable products and services that are uncompromise in quality


In 1980, Mr. Muhammad Yaqoob, the Al Madny Pvc Pipe Industry started manufacturing cutlery under the name, Al Madny Pvc Pipe in Faisalabad. In 2005, Mian Shahid Yaqoob PPRC Pipes and PPRC Fittings unit was also added.This unite Name Galaxy PPRC Pipes and Fittings. On the onset of this century, the quest of making hygienic and durable products emerged the idea of producing PPRC PIPES & FITTINGS. At that time, PPRC was internationally being produced, used and approved as an underground hot and cold water supply system. His mission to make Pakistan strong and healthy enhanced the motivation and by the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, Keeping in view the concept of global village, an information technology company is incorporated for Total Business Solutions under the name of Galaxy PPRC in 2010. May ALLAH keep on showering His blessings on Galaxy Group to serve the valuable customers with the ongoing improvement in our products and services. Ameen
Shahid Yaqoob
Founder & CEO

Galaxy Products is reliable and quality products